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Ricoh Aficio 1060 & 1075

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Aficio 2027 with the 1000 Sheet Finisher Option

Versatile Document Management ...
Copy/Print Systems

Designed to support the document workflow and productivity needs of today's networked office, Central Reprographics Department and Print-on-Demand environments.

The Aficio® 1060 & 1075 systems offer complete scanning and document management to ensure seamless, uninterrupted workflow for on-demand print production and network connectivity at 60 & 75 ppm. Plus, offer a host of highly advanced finishing capabilities for professional output.
RICOH® has combined ingenious engineering with cutting-edge technology to deliver the utmost in... Consistent Reliable Production

  • High Quality Imaging
  • High-Performance Printing
  • One Pass Duplex Scanner maximizes productivity like never before!
  • True 1,200 dpi resolution
  • 8,300 sheet total paper capacity
  • 100-sheet Automatic Document Feeder
  • Scan Once, Print Many
  • Scan and Print at speeds of 60 and 75 images per minute, respectively
  • Covers, Tabs, Chapters, Collating, Page Numbering, Stamping, Stapling or Punching
  • A large, user-friendly Touch Panel Display

Smart Document Management
Ready to take on high volume copy/print jobs, the Aficio 1060 & 1075 provide total control over the input, management and output of your mission critical documents. Enhanced scanning capability (optional) brings versatility to an all-time high, integrating hard copy documents into digital networks. From the Aficio 1060 & 1075's control panel, you can scan documents to e-mail for distribution when the Printer/Scanner Kit is installed.

The Document Servercapability promotes productivity within a network and a "paperless" environment where users can view and manage all stored information from their desktop. The dynamic Document Server boosts productivity, linking all electronically created and paper-based originals from various applications, enabling you to manage your documents and perform many other workflow-enhancing functions:

  • File Merge Printing
  • Print-on-Demand
  • Proof Printing
  • Scanned Page Printing
  • Secure Printing

Scan to E-mail (standard with Printer/Scanner Kit) provides a powerful easy-to-use solution, which enables scanning of hard copy documents directly to e-mail to significantly boost productivity

  • Ability to scan to multiple e-mail addresses via an intuitive touch panel
  • Scan documents from either the document feeder or platen glass
  • Store up to 2,000 e-mail addresses
  • Documents are sent in PDF or TIFF format

Get Connected...
Bring the advanced Printer Kit (option) on board to dramatically increase your document processing power and streamline your local or network printing applications. You'll benefit from exceptional 60 or 75 ppm laser printing, superior true 1,200 dpi image quality, along with sophisticated finishing to satisfy all job requirements! PCL5e/PCL6 is standard, assuring utmost compatibility with all major PC applications, and PCL drivers are available for Windows 95/98/2000/ XP/ME and NT 4.0. An optional Adobe® PostScript3 module offers drivers for advanced applications, plus the latest Macintosh OS.

The Aficio 1060 & 1075 support Ricoh's RPCST (Refined Print Command Stream). An intuitive, simple-to-operate icon-based driver user interface which allows you to select any print job setting and run any print job with just one click. Users can save different print settings for different jobs, efficiently store them under a user-created icon, and instantly generate professional-looking documents.

With SmartNetMonitor printer management software, you can monitor and manage the Aficio 1060 & 1075 remotely. Get information on every Ricoh system on your shared network from your desktop, so you know the availability, configuration, even paper/toner levels of each device, or group printers together for easy supervision.

The Perfect Finish
The Aficio 1060 & 1075's selection of hi-tech Finishing Capabilities output all your jobs swiftly and cost-effectively time after time, keeping your business running smoothly.
  • Three impressive 3,000-sheet Finishers handle it all. One is equipped with a 50-sheet multi-position staple capacity, and another with a 100-sheet stapler.
  • Or perhaps professional saddle stitched outputis on your menu of requirements. This hi-tech capability partners with the third optional Finisher, which also has a 50-sheet multi-position staple capacity, to give you finished booklets that are stapled in the center and conveniently folded.
  • Add the user selectable two or three hole-punch unit offered with any of these Finishers, and productivity stays smooth as output is punched individually as it exits the system.

Value-Added Flexibility
The Aficio 1060 & 1075's Interposer Capability, provides even more flexibility by inserting pre-printed or color output anywhere within your documents. If you need a color cover or require special pages to be distributed throughout your document.just place the sheets in the designated paper tray and tell the system where to insert them!

Double Your Output With Connect Copy/Connect Print
Team together two systems - either the Aficio 1060 & 1075, two Aficio 1060s, or two Aficio 1075s - and have a production powerhouse with your output effectively doubled. Achieve speeds up to 150 pages per minute, and decrease costs significantly. Plus, you'll always have a back-up system for standard "walk-up" or "production" applications whenever needed.

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