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Ricoh® CL2000 & CL2000N

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High–speed and high–efficiency in an amazingly affordable, compact printer.

Get the Power of Choice: COLOR or Black & White
Deciding whether you want color or black & white documents should be as simple as selecting an icon on your own computer. The RICOH® Aficio® CL2000/CL2000N Color Laser Printers let you do just that–and much more. They both offer high-speed, four-color and black & white prints from the same low-cost, compact unit. It's a choice so powerful it could change the way you present your work.

And your choices begin, even before you click the print button. The Aficio® CL2000 is a standalone unit designed for individuals who demand high-volume and high-efficiency. The Aficio® CL2000N provides advance network capabilities to make it an excellent workgroup printer.

Designed for Performance and Quality
Global competitiion has forced business everywhere to become more cost-concious and producitivity-focused than ever before. That’s why everyone in your workgroup will appreciate the high-quality, rapid output of the Aficio® CL2000/CL2000N:

  • Single-pass, 1200 X 1200 dpi color laser technology produces crisp, clear business graphics.
  • 16.9 prints per minute full color and black& white, plus the shortest possible paper path for superior speed.
  • Induction heating technology reduces first print out time to less than 15.5 seconds (among the shortest in their class).

Paper handling to Support your Diverse Needs
When it comes to evaluating printers, quality is key. But flexibility is also important. That's why the Aficio® CL2000/CL2000N were designed to produce high quality business documents on multiple paper types, including plain, thick and glossy stocks. Labels, transparencies and envelops also feed and print with ease. It's the kind of versatility that not only reduces costly outsourcing fees, but also allows you to print what you want exactly when you want it.

Designed for Simplicity and Compactness
Companies everywhere are striving to cut costs and boost output all over their operations. The Aficio® CL2000/CL2000N were designed and built to help you do just that. They're engineered to maximize resources, minimize consumption of materials and optimize productivity.
  • Automatic color selection accurately differentiates between color and balck & whtie, so even mixed documents are output as the lowest possible cost.
  • Power consumption is minimized because of extremely rapid warm-up and coooldown speeds.
  • Duplex option automatically cuts paper consumption in half—without altering the footprint.
  • Virtually limitless paper supply reduces downtime to refill paper trays.

Choose Your connection
Whether you choose the Aficio® CL2000 for individual use, or the CL2000N for busy workgroups, you'll get an unbeatable combination of high-speed, high-quality color and black & white in one amazingly compact, afoordable unit. Add in flexible paper handling and seamless networking, and it's easy to see how the Aficio® CL2000 and CL2000N are giving businesses everywhere the poser of choice.

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