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Ricoh CL 7100

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Ricoh Aficio CL7100 Network Printers bring production printing into your office.

The Speed You Need
    Today, business information has a short life span, and it seems as you’re constantly updating your communications. With the Ricoh® Aficio® CL7100, you’ll always be able to deliver current information that looks its best. It outputs 35 ppm in both color and black & white—even in duplex mode—so you can eliminate the cost—and time—of outsourcing. The Aficio CL7100’s rapid first-print-out times of just 12 seconds for color and 11 for black & white are ideal for a workgroup or small department that uses shared network printers.

Seamlessly Fits into Your Environment

    Take advantage of Ricoh Web Image Monitor, an Internet browser-based utility that enables you to set output parameters, check toner and paper levels, and even reset the printer—all right from the desktop! Even better, you can program the Aficio CL7100 to automatically send an e-mail when toner or paper levels get low or the printer needs service. The Aficio CL7100 also comes with Rendezvous support, which automatically integrates the Aficio CL7100 with all Macs on the network.

    The Aficio CL7100 is available with Web JetAdmin Plug-in for HP’s printer management utility so your IT staff can manage and monitor Ricoh printers without having to change the way they work.

    With a choice of printer drivers – Ricoh RPCS, PCL 5c emulation and Adobe PostScript 3, the Aficio CL7100 fits in seamlessly into any environment—PC, Macintosh and UNIX. Using the Aficio CL7100’s RPCS driver, you can save print quality and finishing settings as an icon for single-click setups, along with outstanding performance when printing from Windows-based applications.

Polish Your Image

    With the Aficio CL7100, your documents can break through the “clutter” to make a great impression. With its ability to print at a true resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi on stocks as heavy as 90 lb index, the Aficio CL7100 can output materials of lasting value.

    And, using the optional Booklet Finisher, you can generate brochures, catalogs and documents that look like they came directly from a commercial printer. Now, you can keep production in-house to save time and money!

Complete Convenience

    The Aficio CL7100 gives your workgroup a powerful yet costeffective way to generate high-quality documents. Now you can eliminate outsourcing and produce professional-looking brochures, collateral and proposals right from your desktop.

    Easily outperforming other color laser printers in its class, the Aficio CL7100 combines high-speed, business-class color and black & white printing with features and options typically reserved for high-end monochrome systems, including extralarge paper capacity, automatic duplexing and optional finishing.

    With real-time management utilities, the Aficio CL7100 provides administrators detailed information and the ability to manage the system remotely.

    The Aficio CL7100 gives your workgroup a powerful combination of speed, color and versatility.

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