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Shifting Office Communications into High Gear...

Seamlessly integrating sophisticated fax performance, with network cost efficiency, the Ricoh Fax4410 Series is designed to handle a wide variety of your critical document communication and imaging tasks with ease.

Ricoh has developed two dynamic systems thtat exceed today's technological requirements for sending hardcopy documents: the Ricoh Fax4410L standalone fax system and the Fax 4410NF network fax system. Besides standard faxing, documents can be sent to e-mail address via the internet, even in color (Color Scan to E-mail). IP Faxing enables documents to be sent to other IP Fax systems at high speeds. Duplex scanning and printing also help to increase efficiencies and reduce cost. Innovative digital technology that streamlines document workflow for dramatic improvements in productivity makes the Ricoh Fax4410 series the answer to your hard copy document communication needs.

Features Ricoh Fax4410L Ricoh Fax4410NF
Standard Paper Capacity 750 Sheets 350 Sheets
Optional Paper Capacity 600 Sheets 1,000 Sheets
Maximum Paper Capacity 1,350 Sheets 1,350 Sheets
2nd 33.6 Kbps Modem with JBIG Optional Optional
Color Scan to E-mail Optional Stardard
Internet Faxing (T.37) Optional Standard
IP Faxing Real-Time (T.38) Optional Standard
LAN Faxing Optional Standard
PCL 5e/6 600 dpi Printer Optional Optional
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