Consumer vs. Commercial Office Equipment


Consumer office equipment is inexpensive, but typically non-repairable, throw-away design that is meant for home or extremely light usage. These machines are usually purchased through stores such as office depot, staples, and costco. You will recognize names such as Brother, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, and yes, even HP and Dell. Astute business leaders soon discover the high supply and operating cost of consumer equipment. (hint: Check your supply bill.) Are you paying 3 to 10 cents/page? Is this you?

Save Money

Commercial office equipment is a more rugged design meant for business operations. These machines are acquired from dealers who provide on-site service. The supply and operating cost for commercial equipment is drastically lower than it is for consumer equipment. Astute business leaders realize that commercial equipment will perform tasks more reliably and efficiently and will drive the operating cost down into the one cent/page range.

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Is this what your consumer office equipment does to your office?

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