With a long term LEASE you may be subjected to the vagaries of leasing equipment. First you must get your credit and time-in-business, approved to enter into a third party lease. These requirements may eliminate starting or struggling companies. Suppose you are fortunate to be approved and choose a typical 3 year Fair Market Value (FMV) buyout lease which minimizes your monthly payments. At the end of the lease you must choose to enter into a new lease or return or buy the equipment through written and timely notice to the leasing company. If you are late the lease may renew for months or years. If you choose to return the equipment you must pay for the shipping which is typically about $400. If you choose to buyout the lease the leasing company will set the FMV price to be about 20% of the original equipment value. Bear in mind the leasing company owns the system and they are only interested in getting every last red cent you agreed to in the lease. Also understand the leasing company does not provide service and could care less about your system problems so choose your servicing company wisely and carefully. Often the servicing company from whom you are buying the copier system will include service into the lease. This means the servicing company gets paid up front for some service you trust will be provided to you in the future while locked into the lease. That also means you will pay lease rates for that future service. You will be locked into that service provider with the hope their service will be satisfactory and that they will be around until the end of your lease. Because you have paid for service in the lease you would be reluctant to find another service provider and pay for service twice.