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Ricoh Aficio 2022 & 2027

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Aficio 2027 with the 1000 Sheet Finisher Option

Complete Document Solutions…
Now Within Reach

Affordable Multifunctionality for your Growing Business
The RICOH® Aficio® 2022/2027 Series is designed to meet the expanding needs of growing businesses and workgroups.

Compact and affordable, the Aficio 2022/2027 Series packs all the functionality you need to streamline communications, boost productivity, and reduce costs in a single, space-saving system. As a whole, the expandable Aficio 2022/2027 Series is much greater than the sum of its parts. It puts affordable document creation, distribution, and management within your reach so you can get work done faster and easier than ever before with:

  • Network Printing. One powerful print engine that will improve image and document quality—every set is a finished digital original.
  • Digital Copying. Produce high-quality images at 22/27 prints per minute with a number of document and image manipulation features that ensure every page looks its best.
  • Network Scanning. Scan-to-Email, folder, and FTP Server capabilities speed business communications.
  • Paperless Faxing. Send faxes right from your desktop and route all inbound fax documents to recipients electronically.
  • Document Management. Manage all copy, print, scan and fax jobs from the control panel or through Web Image Monitor.

Power to Share, Power to Spare
Do away with those older, slower, desktop printers and send all print jobs to a cost-effective shared system that offers all the speed and features you’re accustomed to finding on copiers, like duplexing and finishing. The Aficio 2022/2027 Series features a powerful 400MHz processor and a Network Interface Card to accept print jobs from multiple networked users without delay.

For unmatched flexibility, the Aficio 2022/2027 Series offers multiple ways to connect:

  • Standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface lets everyconnected user print to the system at will.
  • Optional 802.11b wireless, USB, Bluetooth, and IEEE 1394 interfaces are available to support your specialized connectivity needs.
In addition to standard support for PCL5e/6 as well as optional Adobe PostScript® 3, Ricoh makes printing even easier by providing its own Refined Print Command Stream (RPCS™). This icon-based PDL and driver provides comprehensive job control so even novice users can create documents with desired results the first time.

Documents with a Professional Finish
Featuring superior 600-dpi image quality at 22/27 pages-per-minute, the Aficio 2022/2027 Series offers unmatched copying versatility. The optional Auto Reversing Document Feeder efficiently processes oneand two-sided originals—even mixed size originals in the same job. Fast warm-up and first copy times minimize lines at the copier, while Scan Once, Print Many saves time and ensures consistency by producing up to 99 sets from a single scan. Standard Stackless Duplexing automates the production of two-sided copies. It cuts your paper consumption in half, reduces filing space requirements, and saves on postage costs.

And because the Aficio 2022/2027 Series is digital, you can add time, date, and page number stamps to copy sets, sort them electronically, and even combine multiple originals onto a single page, all contributing to a more productive office.

When it comes to finishing the job, no one provides more flexibility than Ricoh. Choose either the 500 or 1,000-sheet Finisher with automatic stapling. If simple set collation is all you require, the economical Shift Tray works with the Aficio 2022/2027 Series’ standard Electronic Sort and Rotate Sort modes to make set separation easy.

Digitize Your Documents
Let the Aficio 2022/2027 Series be your gateway to a host of electronic document distribution and storage capabilities. There are no hidden costs; no delivery server is required, no additional software to install. The Aficio 2022/2027 Series’ embedded scanning integrates seamlessly with your existing intranet and Internet technology to enable leading-edge document delivery solutions.
  • Store and access up to 2,000 E-mail addresses right at the Aficio 2022/2027 Series’ LCD touch panel display.
  • Embedded Scan-to-Email with LDAP supports SMTP Authentication and POP Before SMTP Authentication.
  • Wide selection of industry standard file formats including TIFF, TIFF-F, Multipage TIFF, PDF and JPEG.
  • Complete control over scan settings such as E-mail subject, resolution, original size and type, image density, document file naming and destination(s) for every job.
  • Securely deliver up to 2 GB files to a shared Windows® folder or FTP server.
Secure, Local Document Storage
Leverage the power of the Aficio 2022/2027 Series’ Document Server as an on-site virtual document library for archival or print-on-demand applications.
  • Store up to 3,000 documents or up to 9,000 pages on the Document Server.
  • Search and retrieve documents at the control panel, or via a Web Browser utilizing the Web Image Monitor Utility.
  • Retrieved documents can be Re-printed, Re-faxed, Re-scanned or downloaded to your computer for editing.

Super G3 Faxing: Serverless & Flawless
For many businesses and workgroups, faxing remains a familiar and efficient means of information distribution. Add the Fax option to the Aficio 2022/2027 Series to round out your communication capabilities with Super G3 33.6 Kbps faxing. With transmission speeds as fast as three seconds per page, you’ll save on per-call charges. Add a second Super G3 line to double your faxing capacity and minimize wait times and busy signals.

Paperless, Serverless Faxing
The Aficio 2022/2027 Series delivers all the capabilities you’d expect on single-function fax machines, up to 2,000 Speed Dial locations, polling, broadcasting, batch transmission, and more. But the Aficio 2022/2027 Series faxing productivity doesn’t stop there. If you prefer to handle business communications through E-mail, the Aficio 2022/2027 Series offers the ability to convert and forward incoming faxes directly to specified E-mail addresses.

Complete the paperless cycle by sending outbound transmissions right from your desktop. Aficio 2022/2027 Series’ LAN-Fax capability lets you send documents with customized cover sheets to as many as 500 recipients. Import addresses from other LAN-Fax software and populate your address book without re-keying. Preview documents in the LAN-Fax driver before sending, and check transmission results with Web Image Monitor.

Internet Faxing (T.37)
What’s more, the Aficio 2022/2027 Series is T.37 Internet fax capable, so you can scan hardcopy originals and send them as faxes over the Internet. Internet addresses can be stored in the system’s local address book facilitating long distance communications to other T.37 Internet fax capable machines without cost.

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