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Ricoh Aficio MP 4000 & MP 5000 Series

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MP C4500 with the Large Capacity tray, Internal Output Tray & 3000 Sheet Finisher

From Black & White, Copy, Fax & Print
Efficiency to Color Scanning.

Exceptional Speed, Optimal Efficiency, and Worry-Free Security.
Expand your digital imaging resources without expending your budget. The RICOH® Aficio® MP 4000B/MP 4000 & MP 5000B/ MP 5000 Digital Imaging Systems let you do exactly that. Now you’ll have the flexibility to maximize production with output speeds of up to 50 pages per minute, conserve IT resources with advanced network printing and monitoring capabilities, and save time and money with Super G3 and Internet faxing. Confidentiality is ensured with unsurpassed security, and documents are finished easily and professionally. These systems also streamline document distribution with the color/black & white scanning capabilities of the Ricoh Aficio MP 4000 & MP 5000, and the black & white scanning capabilities of the MP 4000B & MP 5000B.

The Resources You Need to Drive Productivity.
The fastest way to get more done is to have the right resources at your fingertips. The Ricoh Aficio MP 4000B/MP 4000 & MP 5000B/MP 5000 systems easily put functionality and flexibility within your reach:

  • Boost production with up to 50 black & white copies/prints per minute.
  • Take advantage of cost-free document distribution, storage and versatile scanning capabilities with the Ricoh Aficio MP 4000B/MP 4000 & MP 5000B/MP 5000.
  • Save time with up to three Super G3 fax lines and eliminate long-distance phone charges with Internet fax capabilities.
  • Impress internal and external customers with crisp 600 dpi resolution and 256 gray scale levels.
  • Increase your processing and storage capabilities with up to 768 MB RAM and 40 GB Hard Disk Drive.
  • Put the final touch on your documents with three different finishing options, any one of which will add a professional touch to your documents.
Scanning: The New Standard of Convenience.
A variety of sophisticated yet user-friendly scan functions makes document distribution cost-free and convenient.
  • Eliminate postage and overnight delivery costs via Scan-to-Email, with the color/black & white scanning capabilities of the MP 4000/MP 5000 and the black & white scanning capabilities of the MP 4000B and MP 5000B. Plus, access your company’s LDAP Directory to maximize the use of existing company information and ensure accuracy.
  • Maintain the image quality of PDF while reducing their file size using the High Compression PDF function.
  • Save physical space and time when you convert paper copies to electronic files and store them in a network folder with Scan-to-Folder—you no longer have to detach documents and save them electronically. Not only will you be able to easily find and retrieve files, but designated users on your LAN or WAN can access, review and update the files as well.
  • Ensure that you’ve captured documents accurately using the Thumbnail View.
  • Reduce the burden to network traffic and transmit more efficiently with Scan-to-URL, which stores the document on the Hard Disk Drive of the device. Recipients can then view and download the files from any Web browser.
  • Full-color scanning achieves maximum impact and captures your customers’ attention in ways that black & white cannot. (Not available on MP 4000B/ MP 5000B models.)
More Productive Printing.
The Ricoh Aficio MP 4000B/MP 4000 & MP 5000B/MP 5000 series works seamlessly with today’s most popular operating systems and print drivers.
  • Accept data from Windows®, AS/400, Linux, Macintosh® and Novell® for seamless integration with a variety of network operating systems.
  • Finish documents quickly via an icon-based Graphical User Interface using the Refined Print Command Stream (RPCS) print driver.
  • Output documents generated from the most common business applications with PCL5e/6 print drivers or genuine Adobe® PostScript®3™.
  • Reorder print and copy jobs according to the most pressing priorities with the Job Function List.
  • Use PDF Direct Print to print PDF quickly without opening an application and slowing down your network.
  • Improve security by password protecting your print files until you release them right at the system. You can even print and delete multiple documents in a single operation.

Time- and Money-Saving Fax Features.
Fax more conveniently and economically with these innovative fax capabilities:

  • Send hard copies at a quick 2 seconds per page with standard JBIG on up to three analog lines via the Super G3 Modem.
  • Save time and paper with LAN Fax and send faxes right from your desktop.
  • Capitalize on the cost-saving benefits of IP faxing (T.38) for fast, high quality communication: send and receive faxes directly over your LAN or WAN, bypassing your PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).
  • Deliver inbound faxes quickly by automatically forwarding them to e-mail addresses or network folders. Recipients receive an automatic e-mail notification of fax deliveries.
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