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Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D Series

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Digital Imaging Systems
Connect Your Office and Work Smarter

Intelligent and hardworking, the RICOH® 2016/2020/2020D Digital Imaging Systems put greater productivity at your fingertips while improving your bottom line.

In today’s evolving business climate, selecting the right technology can be key. With the Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D, you’ll gain a fully networked document management solution that will help you work smarter, faster and more economically. Featuring output speeds of 16, 20, and 21 PPM and a wealth of productivity-enhancing digital capabilities, the Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D simplify your daily information management processes. With just one system, you can scan documents and integrate them into your network…print files and reproduce existing hardcopy documents…send and receive faxes — directly from the system or workstation. Plus, the 2016/2020/2020D’s multifunctional design eliminates the expense of separate standalone systems, while producing print and fax output at copier-level costs.

The Networked Office Becomes Reality for Your Workgroup

Add greater value to your network investment when you add the Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D to your workgroup environment.

    Connect to your network or directly to a PC using one of two standard interfaces:
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet or USB 2.0.
  • Select one of two Wireless LAN Options and place your Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D digital imaging system at the point of need while eliminating unsightly cables.
Works the Way You Work

The Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D digital imaging systems streamline all aspects of the document workflow — from input, to management, to output and distribution. And the large, intuitive Control Panel makes every job — for every user — an easy one.

Flexible Document Input

With the Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D digital imaging systems, valuable information arrives from a variety of sources…

  • Quickly process up to 30, single-sided originals (2016/2020) or up to 50, two-sided originals (2020D) at once for scanning, copying, e-mail transmissions and outbound fax transmissions.
  • Send electronic files from the workstation to the 2016/2020/2020D via your network and then print them for immediate use.
  • Scan documents — such as photos, 11" x 17", or spreadsheets — using the Network TWAIN Scanning function, directly to an image editing application like Adobe® PhotoShop® or send them to a client utilizing Scan-to-Email, which eliminates the need for multiple desktop scanners.
  • •Automatically receive incoming faxes — either printed at the 2016/2020/2020D or routed to the desktop via your network.
Smart Document Management

However data reaches the Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D digital imaging systems, once there, you’ll have an array of software that will help you efficiently organize and manage that data.

  • ScanRouter Pro — Ideal for environments with more robust scanning requirements, ScanRouter Pro offers enhancements to ScanRouter Lite and provides Scan-to-Folder/File and OCR capabilities.
  • DeskTopBinder Lite — Stay at your desk and manage electronic files with DeskTopBinder Lite software. For example, you can use DeskTopBinder Lite to merge Word and Excel files to create a commanding sales report.
  • Web SmartDevice Monitor and Web Image Monitor — The Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D digital imaging systems include complimentary device management utilities that enable busy IT professionals — and users — to monitor and manage all functions of the 2016/2020/2020D — copy, print, scan and fax — from the workstation. Additionally, users can add e-mail addresses and fax numbers, view system status and configuration, check toner and paper levels, and receive e-mail error notification using a standard Web Browser.

Ricoh’s Refined Print Command Stream (RPCS™) is an easy-to-use, icon-based print driver that enables you to apply and save special settings, including duplexing, for one-click job processing.

Versatile Document Output

Communicating your business message has never been easier. With the Ricoh 2016/2020/2020D digital imaging systems’ impressive distribution and output capabilities — from printing professional hardcopy documents to Scan-to- Email to LAN-Fax and Internet Fax.

  • Network Printing — Featuring high-performance network printing capabilities, the 2016/2020/2020D digital imaging systems offer support for all popular network platforms. And our intuitive RPCS™ icon-based print driver, which enables users to apply job settings and then output those jobs via a single mouse click, combines with standard PCL5e/6 and optional Adobe PostScript 3™ to provide easy accessibility for all users.
  • Scan-to-Email — Scan hardcopy documents and then send them to multiple e-mail addresses as TIFF or PDF files. With scan resolutions up to 600 dpi, it’s the perfect way to communicate large, multi-page documents — such as legal briefs or technical manuals — while eliminating costly overnight delivery charges.
  • Outbound Hardcopy Faxing — Environments with demanding hardcopy fax requirements will appreciate the 2016/2020/2020D’s high-end fax functionality. A Super G3 Modem combines with JBIG Compression to transmit faxes in as little as 3 seconds per page. And power through peak fax periods with a wealth of advanced fax capabilities, including Serial Broadcasting, Batch Transmission and Two-sided Transmission (2020D only).
  • LAN-Fax— Stay at your desk and fax from your workstation using the 2016/2020/2020D LAN-Fax driver. Faxing becomes as easy as clicking “print,” which eliminates the need to print documents and then walk to another location to fax them.
  • Internet Fax — Eliminate long distance and/or international phone charges when you fax for free over the Internet (T.37). Convert outbound faxes to e-mail format and then transmit them to another Internet Fax or PC via the Internet. You’ll even receive a return receipt back to your workstation so you’ll be sure your transmission was successful.
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