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Ricoh Aficio 1515

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The Productivity You Want…
The Affordability You Need

Multifunction solutions for the workgroup or desktop.

With the RICOH® Aficio® 1515, 1515F and 1515MF, you configure the solution that’s right for your small business workgroup or professional practice. With the RICOH Aficio 1515/1515F/1515MF, you’ll get “big office” performance without the “big office” price tag. Plus, you decide how you would like to customize your system with a choice of three configurations right out of the box…

Ricoh Aficio 1515 Digital Copier, Ricoh Aficio 1515F Digital Copier and Fax or Ricoh Aficio 1515MF Digital Copier, Fax, Printer and Network Scanner. Best of all…regardless of the system you select, you can be certain that you’ve made an intelligent choice.

Digital Technology Meets Solid Copier Functionality
The Ricoh Aficio 1515/1515F/1515MF incorporates a wealth of digital features and advanced paper-handling capabilities designed to optimize the document imaging process from start to finish—capabilities that ensure maximum user productivity, provide reliable performance and offer consistently professional image quality.

  • Scan originals once, then go back to work while the Ricoh Aficio 1515/1515F/1515MF produces the desired number of copies.
  • Standard Auto Duplex copying* and Duplex printing capability significantly reduces paper, hardcopy storage and postage costs.
  • From the platen, easily copy double-sided originals such as insurance cards side by side on a single sheet of paper at the touch of the Combine key.
  • Automatically sort copies from memory, which does away with time-consuming hand collation.
  • Enjoy quick access to all of the Ricoh Aficio1515/1515F/1515MF’s capabilities via an intuitive Control Panel, which features a 4-Line Back Lit Display and Directional Cursor Keys.
  • Reduce time-consuming paper replenishment tasks thanks to a maximum paper capacity of 850 sheets from three sources—one of which is the versatile 100 Sheet Bypass Tray, which also accepts envelopes.
  • Copy 8.5'' x 14'' documents and scan up to 30 sheets using the standard Automatic Document Feeder.
    *1-sided to 2-sided only.

Multi-Tasking in the Box
With the Ricoh Aficio 1515F or Ricoh Aficio 1515MF, you'll benefit from all the functionality of the Ricoh Aficio 1515 and you'll gain the following productivity boosters…

High-End Fax Capabilities—Ricoh Aficio 1515F/Ricoh Aficio 1515MF
For environments with demanding hardcopy—and electronic—fax requirements, the Ricoh Aficio 1515F/1515MF provide powerful communication functionality with capabilities that can accommodate virtually any fax application.

  • Quickly transmit your documents in as little as two seconds per page with the Super G3 33.6Kbps Modem and JBIG Compression .
  • Juggle two tasks at any given time; scan documents for transmission while the Ricoh Aficio 1515F/1515MF is printing a reception.
  • Get through the busiest of days with an array of features—including Batch Transmission , Serial Broadcasting and Send Later —that automate virtually all aspects of the fax process.

LAN-Fax and Internet Fax— Ricoh Aficio 1515MF
In addition to an outstanding hardcopy fax feature set, the Ricoh Aficio 1515MF offers the ability to…

  • Utilize Inbound Fax Routing of documents directly to a PC to reduce paper costs.
  • Send a fax to another Internet fax—or e-mail address—via the Internet, using the T.37 Internet Fax feature, which eliminates costly long distance and/or international phone costs.
  • Send faxes without leaving your desk…just select the LAN Fax driver and transmit documents via the LAN Fax feature and a Transmission Result Report is sent directly to the sender's e-mail address.
  • Customize your own fax header, including company logos, using the Fax Cover Sheet Editor .

High Performance Printing & Scanning
Need a high quality printer and scanner? No problem…
  • Quickly connect to your network via a standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection. Or, choose the standard USB 2.0 interface and connect the Ricoh Aficio 1515MF directly to a PC.
  • Eliminate unsightly cables and allow complete placement versatility using Wireless LAN and Bluetooth™ options.
  • Choose between the IEEE 1284 Parallel or IEEE 1394 FireWire™ options, which are ideal for those who require reliable and fast connections to non-networked PCs.

Versatile Electronic Document Delivery Capabilities
Network Scanning is the key to cost-effective and efficient management of digital and existing hardcopy documents.

  • Embedded Scan to E-mail enables users to communicate important information quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional overnight delivery services, without any additional software or dedicated server. Easily meet tight deadlines by scanning or faxing hardcopy documents to multiple e-mail addresses in TIFF or PDF format. Additionally, you’ll eliminate the expense of making extra copies of documents needed for multiple recipients.
  • Standard ScanRouter V2 Lite software makes it easy to share hardcopy information such as spreadsheets or drawings. And, optional ScanRouter V2 Professional software is ideal for environments with more robust scanning requirements—providing Scan to Folder/File and OCR capabilities.
  • Network TWAIN Scanning eliminates the need for desktop scanners—enabling users to scan hardcopy originals directly to an image editing application in the PC.
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